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Nitrile Hex Anti-Fatigue Matting

Nitrile Hex Anti-Fatigue Matting

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Product | Nitrile Hex Anti-Fatigue Matting
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Honey Combed



Physical Characteristics

Tensile: 595 PSI 
Elongation: 500% 
Hardness: 60 SHORE "A" +/- 5 
Temperature Range: -25°C to 90°C (-13°F to 194°F) 
Thickness: 5/8"


For areas exposed to oil. This matting is designed specifically to give relief from ankle, knee, hip and back pain. It provides excellent stress relief for workers who are stationary for long periods of time on hard floor surfaces. It is easy to clean, easy to configure and easy to move around. Mat comes with a built on connector strip.

Parts No.
Length x Width
Wt. Per Pc lbs.
STAM-NIT 36"X36" 17