For conveying fuel in automobiles, trucks, buses.. SAE 30R7 type B USC approved fuel line hose. Not designed for marine use with alcohol blended fuels.


Tube- Black Nitrile
Reinforcement- Spiral synthetic cord
Cover- Black synthetic, Nitrile/ PVC blend resistant to oil, grease and ozone
Branding- Size SAE 30R7-KX date, Made in USA

Temperature Range

-34°C to +125°C (-29°F to +257°F)

Standard Lengths

Multiples of 25ft and 700ft reels

Parts No.
I.D. Inches
O.D. Inches
Max W.P. @ 70°F/20°C
Approx. Wt. Per. Ft. Lbs.
FLVE-.188 3/16 0.41 50 0.065
FLVE-.25 1/4 0.50 50 0.100
FLVE-.313 5/16 0.56 50 0.110
FLVE-.375 3/8 0.63 50 0.220
FLVE-.625 5/8 0.88 50 0.300
Working pressures are calculated at 70 degrees F (20 degrees C). Maximum working pressure decreases as temperature increases. Pressure ratings can only be achieved using proper coupling procedures. Bend radius is calculated at 70 degrees F (20 degrees C). Flexibility may vary at different temperatures. Please contact IRP if you have concerns regarding your application.