A lightweight flexible chemical transfer hose designed for almost every common industrial chemical used in industry today. Non-staining FDA UHMW tube.


Tube- Clear Ultra High Molecular Weight polyethylene.
Reinforcement- Multiple synthetic textile cords and a dual wire helix
Cover- Green abrasion resistant green EPDM
Branding- Yellow Stripe  CHEM MAXX UHMW CHEMICAL HOSE 250 PSI
Caution: Use only for intended service. Inspect Hose & Fittings before each use. Damage or misapplication may result in property damage or serious personal injury.

Temperature Range

-40°C to +°93C (121­°C intermittent) (-40°F to +200°F) (250­°C intermittent)

Standard Lengths



  • Reduced pressure ratings are advised when handling hot, extremely corrosive chemicals.
  • Working pressures shown are based on using a permanent type coupling such as swage or internally expanded.
  • For banded type couplings, the working pressure should be reduced to 65% of the pressures listed above.
Parts No.
I.D. Inches
O.D. Inches
Max W.P. @ 70°F/20°C
Bend Radius
Approx. Wt. Per. Ft. Lbs.
ULTRA-1 1 1.47 250 4 0.530
ULTRA-1.25 1-1/4 1.78 250 4 0.750
ULTRA-1.5 1-1/2 2.08 250 4 0.960
ULTRA-2 2 2.58 250 6 1.300
ULTRA-3 3 3.66 200 9 2.090
Working pressures are calculated at 70 degrees F (20 degrees C). Maximum working pressure decreases as temperature increases. Pressure ratings can only be achieved using proper coupling procedures. Bend radius is calculated at 70 degrees F (20 degrees C). Flexibility may vary at different temperatures. Please contact IRP if you have concerns regarding your application.