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Scorpion Air

Scorpion Air

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Technical Specifications


Scorpion Air Hose is a premium hybrid polymer air hose designed to remain flexible in cold environments. Premium Thermoplastic blend allows this hose to be used in environments where other general purpose PVC and rubber hoses may harden or crack. Extreme all weather flexibility.



Temperature range

-40°C to 82°C (-40°F to 180°F)


- 300 PSI
- Extremely Flexible & Lightweight
- Kink Resistant under Pressure
- Hi-Vis Orange for easy identification
- 1/4" NPT Fittings
- Slender, easy to handle & abrasion resistant
- 4:1 Safety Factor
- Easy coiling after use.

Working pressures are calculated at 70 degrees F (20 degrees C). Maximum working pressure decreases as temperature increases. Pressure ratings can only be achieved using proper coupling procedures. Bend radius is calculated at 70 degrees F (20 degrees C). Flexibility may vary at different temperatures. Please contact IRP if you have concerns regarding your application.
Parts No.
I.D. Inches
Max W.P. @ 70°F/20°C
Standard Lengths
SCO-AIR-.375-25 3/8 300 25
SCO-AIR-.375-50 3/8 300 50
SCO-AIR-.375-100 3/8 300 100